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Paediatric Psychology

Child Psychologists assess, treat and support children with emotional, psychological, behavioural and learning difficulties.

Our  experienced child psychologists will aim to teach practical, evidence based strategies to children and their families with the aim of maximising their happiness, engagement in activities and maximising their potential in life.

Paediatric psychologists help to treat multiple conditions including:

– anxiety & phobia

– depression

– obsessive compulsive disorder

– autism spectrum disorder

– gender dysphoria

– eating disorders

– behavioural issues and anger management

– friendship challenges and bullying


– learning difficulties

– social skills

– school refusal

– Parenting support

How can a child psychologist help your child?

Some child psychologists can also conduct diagnostic assessments including cognitive or educational assessments for children that may have learning difficulties or for other behavioural issues such as autism spectrum disorder.

They provide therapy in many different ways including play therapy, talking therapy and family support in order to tailor their approach to best suit your child’s needs.

Meet our Psychologists:

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Clinical Psychology Registrar, Educational & Developmental Psychologist

Leanne Oshry

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Educational & Developmental Psychologist

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Clinical Psychologist

Andrea Wright

Clinical Psychologist

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Child Psychologist

Lena Tan

Child Psychologist