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Lane Shmerling

Speech Pathologist


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Lane Shmerling

The process of being able to understand and be understood is often taken for granted. Communication disabilities are the result of problems with speech, using and understanding language, voice, fluency and hearing.

Lane is a passionate Speech-Language Pathologist, with over 30 years of paediatric experience.

She specialises in the assessment and treatment of toddlers, children and adolescents with communication disorders. She has varied paediatric experience including delays and disorders of:

– developmental language

– receptive language / understanding instructions

– expressive language

– articulation / phonology

– phonological awareness / pre-reading

– social language skills / pragmatics

– autism spectrum disorder

– hearing impairment

She works closely with childcare centres, pre-schools, schools, community health centres, GPs and other professionals. Rebates are available for Medicare programs (Enhanced Primary Care) and from all private health insurers, and the NDIS.