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To connect for your scheduled Telehealth appointment please select your treating health professional below.

Dr Eli ShmerlingConnect with Eli on Doxy

Dr Kenny YeohConnect with Kenny on Doxy

Dr Maurizio PacilliConnect with Maurizio on Doxy

Dr Yoko AsakawaConnect with Yoko on Doxy

Dr Ary SudarmanaConnect with Ary on Doxy

Dr Raffaela ArmientoConnect with Raffa on Doxy

Lane ShmerlingConnect with Lane on Doxy

Ms Andrea WrightConnect with Andrea on Doxy

Leanne OshryConnect with Leanne on Doxy

Lauren ShortConnect with Lauren on Doxy

Jaclyn SchultzConnect with Jaclyn on Doxy

Heidi GilmourConnect with Heidi on Doxy

Radmila HardingConnect with Radmila on Doxy

Carly DebinskiConnect with Carly on Doxy

Lia AvisarConnect with Lia on Doxy

Lena TanConnect with Lena on Doxy

Ruby SteinbergConnect with Ruby on Doxy