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Radmila Harding

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Radmila Harding

Radmila is an education consultant who provides specialist coaching services for young people and their families in conjunction with the multidisciplinary Caring for Kids team.

Radmila completed her Bachelor of Arts (Hons) at the University of Melbourne before completing a Bachelor of Special Education at Monash University. Radmila has forty years’ experience in the education sector, having commenced her professional life as a teacher and subsequently having held a broad range of leadership positions in K-12 settings. Within those roles, Radmila has effected positive change for young people on both an individual level (by teaching students with additional needs and providing enrichment to gifted students) as well as on a systemic level (by assisting parents, teachers and designing curriculum to meet the needs of increasingly diverse student populations).

Radmila is passionate about working with young people who are twice-exceptional gifted learners, being children who are gifted and also neurodivergent (including children with dyslexia, ASD, ADHD or with anxiety/mood disorders). She believes in providing a holistic, tailored approach to assist these twice-exceptional gifted learners in unlocking their full potential. Through her executive functioning coaching, Radmila will work with you and your child to help set and achieve their specific goals, which may include boosting motivation and engagement, time management, improving memory, boosting study skills and exam performance, developing social skills, or reframing perfectionist and self-sabotaging tendencies.

When Radmila is not busy working, she enjoys spending time with her children, cooking elaborate dinners for her friends and family, and waking up early to see the sun rise over the ocean.