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Paediatric Occupational Therapy

Paediatric occupational therapists look at the relationship between the child, their occupational roles - the activities they need to perform in self-care, play, school- and a range of other factors, including how they regulate their emotions and respond to challenges.

Occupational therapists can support children in everyday activities such as:

– Fine motor skills like drawing and writing

– Gross motor skills like climbing, balance, ball skills

– Social skills like sharing and taking turns, making friends

– Sensory development

– Challenging behaviour

– Concentration/attention

– Managing emotions

– Skills for participation in daily routines i.e., teeth brushing, dressing, toileting, bedtime routines

– Fussy eating

– Adaptations and modifications to the environment for participation in meaningful activities for the child AND family.

How can Occupational Therapy help your child?

Occupational therapy can be provided in a range of settings from the clinic to school or kinder and can help a child and their care givers to:

– Gain a better understanding of the child’s illness, disability or difficulties

– Learn ways to maximize the child’s performance in everyday living

– Promote and nurture the child’s strengths and self-esteem

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